The Company - Webflex Technologies

We are a software development company that is proud to introduce our signature product ‘biz4mobi Apps’. This new innovation provides a direct marketing tool that is cost-effective and is delivered directly to mobile devices in the most exciting format. Our company is fully Australian owned and operated.Our team is at the forefront of technology and working closely with our customers to provide them with that all important edge is our goal.

The Product - biz4mobi

Biz4mobi Apps are tailored to your specific business needs, with your name, colour theme, and content beautifully displayed for your customers. The App is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets and is FREE to download from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Unlike other business Apps, biz4mobi Apps are able to work offline without the internet as the App content is stored locally on the mobile device which ensures that your customers always have the best App experience without delays. The App on start-up and throughout the course of use will check for updates when the internet is available, once again, ensuring a smooth transition of data without any interference to the customer’s experience.


Biz4mobi Apps are designed by qualified graphic designers that look at your business and customise the App to meet your professional needs. In normal circumstances, biz4mobi will look at your website to identify the information required in the App and then design the layout and add all the relevant information.

Customised Design


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