How it works!

Intuitive Design - Manage Content 

In the first instance, biz4mobi designs your App and adds all your content ready for submission to iTunes and Google Play. After the initial set-up, you're able to add and edit content or if you don’t have the time, biz4mobi can continue to add and edit the content for you for a small fee. See our Management page for our Biz Pack service options. Simple to use (WYSIWYG) editing tool with Live Preview makes it easy, whether you are adding new content or editing existing content. The Live Preview window changes as you type so you get to see what the content looks like in the App without having to save and go back and forth.

App Back-end Administration

Each App comes with its own back-end administration portal that allows you to monitor and manage your App content.
You can add and delete pages, images, text and more.

Backend Admin

Monitor your App downloads and usage

An easy-to-view dashboard allows you to monitor your App's usage and shows the amount of downloads via iPhones, iPads and Android devices. This is perfect for monitoring and testing for any marketing campaign that you may want to use print media for. Simply create a page for your promotion, send a notification and monitor the results to see how successful it is.

Backend Dashboard

How It Works Market Yr App

Get the word out that you now have an App and it’s FREE to download. You’ll be very surprised at the numbers you’ll achieve in a short time. Remember 65% of Australians own a smartphone and this is increasing fast. Our experience tells us that both visual and verbal prompting through posters, Facebook and your website makes for a good start.

Biz4mobi can assist with a "Get Our App" Promotional Pack which contains printed media including flyers and posters if required or just use your current arrangements!


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