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Venues have varying structures in place when it comes to marketing. It could be Sally who finds time in between floor shifts to Simon who is part of a marketing team. Whatever the case Webflex is there for you.

Webflex understands that letting you run your business is the best business decision. So for those who don't have time to manage their new App we do it for you.

Management Man

App Management

What our experience tells us is

It is necessary for us to provide options to Clubs to allow for considerations based on size, resources, expertise and budget. Experience has shown us that the Webflex fully managed option provides constant increases in both usage and downloads. Clubs that promote the App correctly from its inception will see great benefits with increased revenue and improved customer loyalty. 

Management NesteggYour App is a long term investment and like all good investments it has to be managed correctly.

Call us on 1300 765 810 to discuss your options. Venues vary so we like to make sure your App is tailored to your needs.


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